We've worked with amazing clients. This is what they have to say...

Client Feedback

Marle Prinsloo, Maaiki

Marissa from Konfetti Love assisted me with styling various photoshoots for Maaiki, a quality baby clothing range. It contributed hugely to the success of my marketing and social media campaigns. Thank you!

Wilma van der Westhuizen, Private Client

Marissa has the rare talent to grasp exactly what it is you want and then blow your mind with the exceptional presentation. She manages to think of every single thing and her attention to detail is exquisite. Thank you Marissa for turning my special occasions into masterpieces and more importantly, creating unforgettable memories.

Annerie Schierling, Private Client

Marissa Vogel is the epitome of creativity in her field of work. When working with her you are guaranteed a professional approach, ease of mind and a burst of fresh ideas and creativity. Konfetti Love comes highly recommended.

Haley Blanchfield, Private Client

Marissa Vogel for Konfetti Love - Party Planner extraordinaire! Think Parisian street scene in the midst of suburban Harare. Who else but the wonderful Marissa could have made this happen? I continue to watch her work with pleasure - the ultimate pro. Talent and charm wrapped in a beautiful soul.

Littish Beyleveld, Photographer

Konfetti Love did five parties for us this year.  Every single party was unique and beautiful! Thank you Marissa for making every event special!

Gretchen Adam, Swoon Events

Marissa Vogel from Konfetti Love is quite simply a genius! She has been my go-to-party-planner for the last 3 years and I just adore what she does. Not only does her incredible "out of the box" creativity shine through in every function but she does it with such ease and always adds a personal touch. Her work is just absolute magic!